Chris Hemsworth’s workout to build the superhero body

33-year-old Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, famous for his roles in superhero movies like The Avengers and Thor, is working out for his new epic Marvel story Thor: Ragnarok. Hemsworth has a long cooperation with one of the best trainers, Luke Zocchi from Zoco Body Pro.

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They have worked together for many years. Hemsworth’s workout program combines cardio, strength, resistance exercises and motivational support from Zocchi. Take a look at how you should do the training if you want the superhero body.

When Zocchi was helping Australian actor to lose weight for his movie In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth managed to lose 30 pounds. Seems like Zocchi knows the key to any body and that is what makes him so successful. Back then he put “Thor” on the superhero low calories diet (500 calories a day) where Hemsworth consumed mostly just very nutritional food. “The problem is that you’re underfed. The challenge is not physical but emotional,” told Hemsworth in the interview to Men’s health.

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Now, the aim is not to lose weight but to gain a physique of Thor. To reach that goal Hemsworth does battle ropes routine, bear crawl, pushups with resistance and bungees. Another exercise is to throw a medicine black ball with Zocchi, while being harnessed to resistance bungees. Some boxing is also good.

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