John Cena’s diet plan: Eat like a WWE champion

John Cena is famous for his great physique. He won WWE World Heavyweight Entertainment championship 15 times. However, he wasn’t that fit in his youth. 40-year-old wrestler started as he though bodybuilding career at the age of 12 and was only 120 lbs in the beginning of his studies in college. Nevertheless, by the time of graduation he reached 235-250 lbs and gained a perfect shape.

When Cena changed from bodybuilding to wrestling he started paying more attention to developing endurance and agility. His approach is as follows: each workout day/session he pays attention to certain muscle groups and, of course, eats right. His training approach has been changing depending on his age. Take a look at his dieting plan.

Cena splits eating into seven meals a day. The main ingredient is, of course, protein. The food should also be rich in minerals and be well-balanced. He gets many eggs for breakfast to get protein, oatmeals for fiber.  If he wants to top up some protein during the day – he eats a protein bar, which is a must-have for him in a pocket. Lunch time: vegetables and chicken. Dinner consists of chicken and vegetables. That can also be changed with some brown rice or pasta plus salad.

The meal before sleep should be light, that’s why Cena prefers to have a casein protein shake and a banana. If you approach your diet that strictly as Cena does – you will also reach better results.

John Cena’s meal plan

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites. Gym Supplement (after breakfast) – Protein bar.
  • Lunch: Brown rice with vegetables along with 2 chicken breasts
  • Snack: Whole wheat pita bread with tuna fish
  • Evening: Banana and whey protein shake
  • Dinner: Pasta or brown rice, vegetables and salad with chicken/ fish.
  • Supplements: Low fat cottage cheese along with a casein protein shake.