Top 10 Calisthenics Athletes

Bodyweight moves or calisthenics workouts will help you build a physique that looks as well as it performs.  In recent years, the popularity of gravity-defying street athletes has caused interest in this sport and other bodyweight-inspired training to spike. This incrdible guys and girls motivates all!

Frank Medrano

Failure doesn't mean it's over, it only means try again with EXPERIENCE ?? Happy training guys!

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Hannibal For King

"Hannibal For King Workout Motivation! – Bar Brothers" on YouTube now! ? Like the video? What do you want next? #HannibalForKing

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Chris “Tatted Strength”

Michael Vazquez


2j Pantoja

#2Jtips on REVERSE MUSCLE UP (aka Hefesto)! . ?In this exercise, use the pull-up machine's weights to get your body weight lighter so you can focus on the following: . 1) ??Allow you to focus on doing the motion slow, clean and controlled. This is one of the best ways to gain strength. 2) ?Allow you to access the full range of motion without your full body weight! This means you can do more reps and get more practice time! 3) ⚙️Allow you to focus on technique and prepare your body safely for the actual move in strength and in mechanics. . ?Questions? Let me know on the comment section below or comment what move you'd like to see next! . You can check out more tips by clicking my hashtag ?? #2Jtips . [Thank you @ironempireyyc and @niccileefit for letting me use your gym and blast my ratchet music ?]

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Brandon Carter

Islam Badurgov

Vadym Oleynik

Jessica Bogdanov

Julia Vins: The Muscle Barbie from Russia

A Superboy from Iran