Top 10 Calisthenics Athletes

Bodyweight moves or calisthenics workouts will help you build a physique that looks as well as it performs.  In recent years, the popularity of gravity-defying street athletes has caused interest in this sport and other bodyweight-inspired training to spike. This incrdible guys and girls motivates all!

Frank Medrano

Failure doesn't mean it's over, it only means try again with EXPERIENCE 🙌💯 Happy training guys!

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Hannibal For King

"Hannibal For King Workout Motivation! – Bar Brothers" on YouTube now! 💪 Like the video? What do you want next? #HannibalForKing

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Chris “Tatted Strength”

Michael Vazquez


2j Pantoja

#2Jtips on REVERSE MUSCLE UP (aka Hefesto)! . 💡In this exercise, use the pull-up machine's weights to get your body weight lighter so you can focus on the following: . 1) 💪🏽Allow you to focus on doing the motion slow, clean and controlled. This is one of the best ways to gain strength. 2) 📈Allow you to access the full range of motion without your full body weight! This means you can do more reps and get more practice time! 3) ⚙️Allow you to focus on technique and prepare your body safely for the actual move in strength and in mechanics. . 🤔Questions? Let me know on the comment section below or comment what move you'd like to see next! . You can check out more tips by clicking my hashtag 👉🏽 #2Jtips . [Thank you @ironempireyyc and @niccileefit for letting me use your gym and blast my ratchet music 😅]

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Brandon Carter

Islam Badurgov

Vadym Oleynik

Jessica Bogdanov

Julia Vins: The Muscle Barbie from Russia

A Superboy from Iran