Chris Pratt teaches The Rock proper cardio workout

Chris Pratt decided to dish out some fitness advice to the Hollywood heavyweight.

As we have never seen The Rock doing cardio, it led him to watch some treadmill tips from Pratt’s Instagram page.

We’re all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils. Great training sesh! Big thanks to the hard core Mutant Nation Gym, Shanghai ?? #NowINeedCarbs #WorldTour #RAMPAGE

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Pratt typically keeps fans updated with the training routines he uses to stay in Star-Lord shape on social media since the Avengers: Infinity War.

This week, Pratt posted his treadmill workout. As for me, when he gets on a treadmill, though, he really demonstrates his expertise. However, it isn’t recommended to try to emulate everything he does. Just get ready to laugh instead.

“For today’s workout I super set hyper-mini-sprints with ultimate-handsome-power-walking followed by a quick set of victory dance fist,” he wrote.

See that his workout consists of a few distinct parts. First, start off with the hyper-mini-sprints, and really emphasize those choppy hands. Follow those with some ultimate-power-handsome-walking, and wrap the whole routine up with victory dance fist, which should be tailored to your own personal signature move.

“Got the entire workout done in under 20 seconds. Burned probably twohundredthousand calories minimum.”

“For those asking that’s need to breathe in the background. Coincidentally need to breathe is my mantra any time I get on the treadmill.”

If this workout seemed not very exciting for you, The Rock would definitely argue with you.

Men’sHealth has found Gym god’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comment to the post, who ceded his claim at Instagram workout supremacy.

“I bow down to your fitness ways king,” really appreciating Pratt’s workout.

Pratt was humble in response. “You’ll get there bro. It’ll take you decades if you commit yourself.”

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