Ed Sheeran’s security guard’s Instagram is a complete delight

Kev is Ed Sheeran’s security guard since 2015 after his fans got “a little bit grabby”.

Telling The Sun at the time, “I’ve been given a security guard, for the first time in four years. It started getting a little bit grabby. I don’t mind if people ask politely but if someone grabs you and pulls you…”

Three years later, Kevin has set up his own Instagram account to document his life with Sheeran, and it’s no wonder it’s got over 590k followers already – because it’s absolutely hilarious. Here are eight of his best Instagrams so far that will make you do a little snort laugh.

Kevin Myers describes himself as the “PA to the star” in his bio. He publishes mostly funny and awkward pictures of his stellar ward, as well as regularly, appears in the frame himself.

However, his recent content is made in proud solitude.

It is worth noting that the musician actively supports his security, notes on his own pictures and even calls the “champion of Instagram”.

Me and bae fooling around #ifonlyyoucouldseewhathesdoing #imthedaddy

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We rich

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