Ryan Terry revealed his Olympia-winning formula

One of the world’s most magnificent physique – when we talk about men wearing shorts on the stage – Ryan Terry is foremost aesthetic bodybuilders.

That wasn’t too surprising when the 28-year-old Brit earned the title of Men’s Physique Champion at the Arnold Classic.

Fortunately, for all those wanting to build such a great shape, Ryan revealed some of his secrets.

Speaking to Unilad, Men’s Physique athlete said he puts down his successes to a balanced training regime, but most importantly addressing his nutrition.

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Ryan explained of his 6-day gym routine: “I always give my muscle groups the equal amount of time throughout the week.”

“Over time, if there is a weak or lagging muscle I’ll start to work on that more, prioritise that more in order to get that physique that I think the judges and the sports world wanted.”

“He says his diet plan doesn’t bother him at all: “I enjoy the food I eat, I don’t see it as monotonous, I don’t see it as a chore to eat the food I eat.”

“I have six meals a day every two and a half hours, and that will consist of a protein source, a carb source, and a fat source.”

Ryan isn’t sick of bodybuilding, so he doesn’t follow “proper nutrition” all year round. He recognises there is still a place for the occasional cheat meal: “Now I’ve been in America I like a nice burger and sweet potato fries. It’s something I was never interested in until I started competing in America – they make the meanest burgers over there!”

He also points out the essential parts of his preparation: following a program of balance and discipline – not denying himself when he is in a position to indulge, but also sticking to strict gym and diet regimen when competition is on the horizon.

Well, later this year we all will see if his formula really worth it at the Olympia in Las Vegas.