Seth Feroce talks cold truth about steroids

Today’s reality of bodybuilding requires enormous mass accompanied with lean physique while having full pumped muscles.

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Such requirements let competitors no chance to stay natural athletes as they start to use certain drugs. Moreover, their aspiration to win make them use huge doses of different supplements.

Seth Feroce – former 212 competitor, talked about professional bodybuilding steroids in his latest video on YouTube.

IG: @sethferoce

The usage of them is quite common, but still, most athletes refuse to talk openly about the help of anabolic drugs.

Late Feroce has been very outspoken in regards to the truths of the endeavor. From now he not only touches on training and diet in order to get the best gains.

IG: @sethferoce

Seth Feroce also talks about the taboo subject matter of steroids that so many other IFBB pros refuse to touch on. In his video, Seth reveals the side effects of steroids.

“Steroid side effects. Hoping this is a little bit of a wake-up call for some of you. Steroids, peptides, sarms, PEDs, they ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS! Some more mild than others, but ALL are changing the chemistry of your body, and all effect everyone differently. You must have a full understanding that problems do occur, and you better be ready for the consequences,” he captioned.

IG: @sethferoce

“I’ve done a lot of trial and error with my gear protocols. I know what works for me, and what does not. This video was to shed some light on how serious of a decision it is to start taking Anabolic Steroids. If you are going to experiment you need to do your research, have a plan if something bad happens to your body, and get as much as you can from as little as possible. This is the real deal stuff no one wants to talk about, but you need to be aware. Stay informed and be prepared.”

The feedback from his subs was quite fast and apparently predictable.

Firstly, guys were shocked after Seth revealed about his divorce, saying he is now a single father-of-two.

IG: @sethferoce

His fans were here to cheer him up and thank for the hard cold truth shared.

“Still making vids, upbeat, and driven after a recent divorce. Now that’s a trooper. We here for u brother.”

“Thank you so much for the advice. I hear what you are saying, and I apply it day to day. I went through a horrible breakup, and instead of taking a dark road, I started to work out, eat right, and try to better myself everyday. I still have my depressing moments, but the gym is honestly the best part of my day.”

“This man is doing God’s work.”

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