Bulgarian fitness hottie – Yanita Yancheva

Former rhythmic gymnast and at the same time wife of the famous IFBB Pro Tavi Castro Yanita Yancheva had difficult times struggling for the Instagram’s fitness Olymp.

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Today mother-of-one looks back with no regrets as she has a great family, 1,2 million followers on Instagram and an excellent appearance which brings her hundreds of new fans every day. What else does modern need?

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29-year-old Bulgarian gained fame after making it to the final of a TV show in her home country.

After the show, Yanita used her exposure to inspire others to follow a healthy lifestyle.

“During my fifty-two day stretch on the television show on an island in Panama, I ended up losing eighteen pounds, and I dropped to eighty-eight pounds! When I returned home, I decided that fitness and proper nutrition would help me reclaim my body and get me back into shape,” Simply Shredded quotes her words.


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The nature of the program meant that she lost 8lbs over the course of the show. She made it to the final of the show but was eliminated.

Although she didn’t win, Yanita had gained national exposure. Becoming a star in her home country.

“In the process of recovering from the show, I got hooked on training, and I just haven’t stopped since!”

From that time she got that needed motivation to start lifting weights in the gym. She started following a well-planned diet and training routine, determined to sculpt her dream figure.
“I train each muscle group separately. I personally do more exercises using free weights, rather than with machines. I train Monday through Friday, and I like to incorporate HIIT. On Saturday and Sunday, I rest.”

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Talking about nutrition, Tavi Castro’s beloved one says her diet usually changes about every five weeks.

“I base the changes on my goals in the gym and how my body responds to the foods that I’m eating. Depending on how long my day is, I will usually eat about six times a day. I space my meals out by two and a half to three hours apart. For breakfast, I’ll usually have oatmeal, and throughout the day, I eat lots of protein.”

Her advice for the upgrowing fitness generation is never to forget that “love, courage and hope changes everything”.

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