4 broken screws led Ronnie Coleman under the knife once again

The 54-year-old Olympia champ is still facing fallout from the injuries he’s suffered through his career. Just in 2018 Ronnie already had two major surgeries, which were added to a number of operations since stepping away from the competitive bodybuilding.

Unfortunately, the eight-time Mr. Olympia needs another “corrective” surgery to fix four broken screws in his back. This will be his 2nd corrective surgery to fix the “again” broken screws.

In his recent Instagram post, Ronnie Coleman revealed why he needs to go back into surgery:

“Trying my best to get this chest bigger. The only problem I seem to be having is that every time I seem to be making progress, a setback occurs.”

Ronnie revealed doctors wants to perform the surgery immediately.

“This time after my Dr visit yesterday, he informed me that there were four broken screws in my back. He told me that he needed to perform surgery immediately. The broken screws were holding a fusion together in my lower back, and the discs were not going to fuse if I didn’t fix the broken screws and this would lead to greater problems in my back.”

“You guys pray for your boy because I definitely need it.”

It really is sad to see that the former Olympia champion must continue to be burdened by his previous injuries, but we all give ourselves a report that spending most of his life as a 300-pound mass monster pumping iron every day would inevitably pay off in the form of visiting hospitals until complete recovery.