American bodybuilder is the muscular version of Jennifer Lopez

28-year-old bodybuilder Janice Garay from Houston is going viral because of her uncanny resemblance to actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. She recently published a series of photos where she urged her followers to comment whether or not she resembled Latina icon J.Lo.

Janice Garay has similar hair, facial features, and accessories. The only clear difference between her and Jennifer, 48, are her unbelievably muscular arms and eight-pack “abs of steel.”

But thousands of her followers keep commenting on how she much she resembles the mother-of-two.

“I was like, ‘No, I’m not J-Lo, I’m J from Houston. It never really crossed my mind to where the whole world says I look like J-Lo.”

Garay, who has over 142,000 followers on Instagram, often shares photos of herself after her workouts where she flexes her killer muscles while showing off her insane abs. The 28-year-old shredded doppelganger hopes to be named ‘Miss Figure Olympia’ one day.