How to become a living barbie doll

Have you ever had a barbie doll? If you are a girl, I suppose, yes. But one polish model tried to go further and started her transformation into a real barbie doll. Here is her lifestory, where we will try to clarify her intentions.

IG: anella_an_

A 26-year-old girl Anella says that the purpose of her whole life is “to achieve the ideal look of a Barbie doll”.

The blonde, who also calls herself as “the first Polish Barbie,” says she did not plan to look like a child’s toy. However, after the surgery on her nose she suddenly realized that she has got to “make” bigger lips and boobs. “My dream was about nice boobs and I thought why not, and that was the start.” This idea came out to a $ 40,000 cost for her.

She says: “I like strange, bizarre and unique things, maybe because of me being unusual too.”

Our barbie also added: “I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic. People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside.”

Young polish has an account on Instagram where almost 60 thousand people admire her. But, to tell you the truth, Anella does not dedicate all her time to Instagram. She continues working as an architecture, and claims that social network is only a hobby.

This story teaches us not be scared of your dreams. If you want this – you have to achieve this. The only limit is you.

IG: anella_an_
IG: anella_an_
IG: anella_an_

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