Top 10 shredded football players

The NFL is undoubtedly the shelter of elite athletes however these ten players are exclusive ones.

You would ask why are they a notch above the rest as every human involved in this sphere puts in his best licks. These are the guys that you’ll find in the gym seven days a week, year-round. No one of them takes a break from their diets to pig out on hot dog-stuffed crust pizza. And these are the guys that have, fairly, made some of the most significant differences in the games you’ve seen this past season. It is therefore no wonder why people spend so much on world series tickets, NFL tickets, and so on just to watch these guys play.

Clay Matthews III

255-pound framed linebacker is one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL today. At the combine, he impressed scouts with a 4.67 40-yard dash time, by benching 225 pounds a total of 23 times and logging a 35.5-inch vertical leap. Matthews stays in peak physical condition by following the Jay Glazer- and Randy Couture-founded MMAthletics regimen.

Patrick Willis

The 6’1″ ³ 240-pound San Francisco 49ers linebacker 49ers strikes fear into the hearts of opposing offenses not just with the tattoos covering nearly his entire torso, but also with his extreme speed.

Willis talks about his faith when he plays saying, “No matter the outcome of a game, my No.1 goal is to glorify God. I always pray, ‘Lord, I don’t know what today’s game is going to be like, but I pray that you bless me to go out here and play for you. Be a soldier for your army, go out here and lead this team the way you want me to lead it.'”

Vernon Davis

San Francisco 49ers tight end posts a blazing 4.38 seconds time in the 40, has a vertical leap of 42 inches, bench presses more than 450 pounds, power cleans 365 and can squat nearly 700 pounds. The 6’3″ ³, 250-pound bruiser is arguably the fittest tight end in the league today.

Chris Johnson

The fastest man in football, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has the ability to change an entire game in a split second. What about his other physical achievements Cj2K runs an astonishing 4.24 40, has a 35-inch vertical leap, and a 130-inch broad jump.

Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens running back may only stand 5’8″ ³ and weigh 212 pounds, but his presence looms large in every single game. reports some of Rice’s more exciting workouts which include beach sprints, resistance band sprints, and shuttle runs, apart from the gym workouts.

Reggie Bush

After overcoming several significant knee and leg injuries, Reggie remains one of the NFL’s most dynamic and well-rounded players. 203-pound Detroit Lions running back uses his quickness, power, and agility to maintain his position as one of the league’s top gainers in yards from scrimmage nearly every year.

Adrian Peterson

Adrian “Superhuman” Peterson is famous for being Minnesota Vikings running back. The 6’1″ ³, 217-pound back is a beast both on and off the field. “I try to eat a lot of baked foods, fish, chicken, potatoes, stuff like that. Grab me a Muscle Milk. That helps,” said Peterson. Whatever it is, it’s apparently working.

Larry Fitzgerald

You may be surprised to see 218-pound Arizona Cardinals wide receiver is on this list, but he still worth to be here. Fitzgerald uses his off-season to strengthen his speed and leaping ability by concentrating on “box jumps and track drills.” Not only that, but this genetic freak and EAS Sports Nutrition athlete is one of the very best receivers in the league, according to Men’s Journal.

Robert Griffin III

The former record-breaking track star, 220-pound quarterback, has turned his speed, dedication, and raw football talent into a goldmine. When healthy, he gives Redskins fans some hope, and that alone is a mighty feat.

Antonio Cromartie

“I’m big on nutrition,” Cromartie said. “Once I got to New York in 2010, I got with a nutritionist, and now my diet consists of mostly vegetables, brown rice, fish, and chicken. I don’t really eat red meat. I try to stick to low-portion, high-protein meals,” Men’s Journal cites. Have to admit Cromartie’s speed, explosiveness, and agility makes the 6’2″ ³, 210-pound veteran one of the best cover cornerbacks in the entire NFL.