Beyoncé lookalike felt disadvantages of being a pop star after chasing down the street

We’ve prepared a lot of material about people that don’t appreciate their own appearance. They are aimed at the celebrities beauty and spend thousands on surgeries.

However, some individuals also suffer from their look.

Brittany Williams, from Detroit, Michigan, looks strikingly similar to Beyoncé.

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She similar to Beyonce, that the fans of the singer hardly distinguish them from each other. She said: “I get approached all the time; whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I’ve also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing.”

“A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and began singing “Single Ladies”, beating my friend’s car with the heels of their shoes until we rolled down the window and took a picture with them.”

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“Most people are generally friendly though and just want a picture, they often say I look like a younger version of Beyoncé,” she said for Daily Mail.

The girl herself insists that she does not try to be like a singer. Moreover, often a resemblance to a star of the world scale causes her inconvenience.

Production planner Brittany said it was back in Beyoncé’s Destiny Child days that she was first approached about her likeness to the singer.

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She admitted the comparison used to ‘bother’ her, but that’s she’s learned to accept it.

What is more, they have a lot in common apart from appearance.

“We both have southern roots. My parents and her parents look like they could be related,” she said.

“She sings, dances, writes and I am gifted in the same ways; we’re both strong dominant women, fearless, and God-fearing.”

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“We’re simply blessed to have a woman with such grace, humility, loyalty, talent and worth ethic to exist in our time. She’s the example of what men should seek, and girls should become.”

After that she went more in-depth in their comparison: “I’m a minimalist. I’m very basic with makeup; which I tend to wear mostly on weekends, mainly to enhance features of my high cheekbones (I’m part Native American) and to pronounce my nose.”

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Brittany Williams also admitted that she doesn’t have as many stylists as her lookalike does.

“I also use setting powder to control my oily skin from time to time. Nothing is daily. I tend not to wear makeup as I don’t care for the regime for going to work.”

She continues: “Usually my hair is either parted in the middle, on the side, in a top not or under a cap. However, I sometimes wear a weave for which the cost is equivalent to the price one would pay to maintain their hair bi-weekly.”

“I’m just a cool, stylish, smart, witty girl with a vision, confidence, and ambition. I’m still dreaming that God will allow my visions to come to fruition. He has blessed me so much.”

IG: @sur__b

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