Dr Evan Antin – America’s sexiest veterinarian

Evan Antin is a 32-year-old veterinarian from California who conquered the Internet with original photos with his patients published on social networks. Young, handsome doctor and his not always cute and fluffy wards look endlessly fascinated by each other.

According to the official site of his clinic, Conejo Valley Dr. Evan Antin hails from Kansas City, Kansas where he grew up spending the majority of his childhood in search of native wildlife including snakes, turtles, and insects. He went on to study evolutionary and ecological biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and spent multiple semesters abroad in Australia and Tanzania to learn more about their respective ecosystems and fauna.

Continents like Australia have a bountiful and flourishing ecosystem, and with a variety of animals that need to be cared for, it’s the perfect opportunity for any vet to gain more knowledge and understand animals better in new environments. The opportunities for veterinarian jobs there are endless, and so, for anyone with a passion for animals, there is always plenty to explore and learn!

Dr. Antin’s love for dogs and cats is very evident in his Instagram posts and captions. No doubt he’s clued up on the very latest treatments and trends within the animal world so that our pets can be as happy and healthy as possible. For example, he may well have read about CBD oil for dogs UK, and other places around the world, and the help it can offer for nervous dogs, as well as those who suffer from joint problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, he is also passionate about exotic animal medicine and interacting with exotic animals in their native habitats around the world. Lizards, for instance, is a popular exotic pet that many people prefer to have. Learning about an exotic pet’s diet would take patience and veterinarians like Dr. Antin is more than happy to help. Of course, an exotic pet owner can also check blogs like Adorablehomepets (click here) to learn about the dietary needs of these animals.

Today he is extremely popular. His Instagram page has 1 million followers which makes the most followed veterinarian in the world.

His social network career started when People magazine wrote a post about him.

“People magazine did an article on me in the magazine!!! Picked me for “sexiest beast charmer” in their sexy civilians section. I was in the jungle in Guatemala when this came out, I had to have my mom take a picture and email it to us,” said Evan.

“If you see this copy, go pick it up! Excited and very honored to be mention here in the company of some truly great people!!!!”

Dr. Antin confesses snakes and crocodiles are his special passion. Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from enjoying communication with cats and dogs, since he loves absolutely all animals.

Evan has visited six continents where had an opportunity to work with many needy animals. Traveling around the world, he deals not only with the treatment of animals in distress, but also propagates the conservation of endangered species. The veterinarian-traveler documents all his adventures on his own YouTube-channel.

From time to time the young man earns like a model and once worked as a personal trainer, but the love of animals and the desire to help them do not allow him to give up the veterinary practice.

Dr. Antin currently lives near Calabasas, California with his dog, Henry, his cat, Willy, his savannah monitor lizard, mangrove snake and an assortment of tropical freshwater fish. Other hobbies of his include traveling, scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking, and weightlifting.