The fabulous life of Jack and Lauren: how to earn a luxurious living with the help of Instagram

Once a carpet cleaner from the village and an aspiring photographer, now Jack Morrison and Lauren Bullen live like real kings. They have chosen the perfect climate of Bali for their home. Once a month they visit a new country, and allow everything to themselves, and all this thanks to Instagram.

Cosy mornings in the jungle with my love ?

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Jack Morris comes from a village near Manchester whereas Lauren Bullen is from Australia. Living on the principles of “gypsy life,” refusing to settle in one place for too long, they found each other during a visit to Fiji some years ago. After they realized that together they were too good and interesting to leave almost immediately, moved to Bali, and since have been living a fabulous life.

Their accounts on Instagram have almost 5m followers together. Particularly Jack, 26, has 2.8m followers, while Lauren, 23, counts 1.9m admirers. Now they are not looking for how to make money, conversely big companies are vying to offer contracts to them. These are different brands of clothing, and travel companies, and other organizations that somehow associate their business with the luxurious life promoted by the young couple.

“I did a job for a phone company where I flew out for three days. There were two days filming, and then I had to do five photos on Instagram, and that was $35,000,” Morris told Cosmopolitan UK.

Jack’s and Lauren’s the highest bid for one post was $9,000 and $7,500 respectively.

When talking about the secrets of such great shots Morrison tells the next: “I process all my photos with my own preset in Lightroom, so they all look the same style. In addition, by publishing one photo, I already have in mind what the next will be, so I can intrigue the audience or somehow tie my photo story together.”

“I don’t use any mobile apps or filters,” Morris told The Daily Mail. “If a photo looks a little dark, I sometimes tweak the edit just on the pre-post Instagram editor.”

“I usually look for a preset that looks the best as it naturally is, and the first thing I will do is come over to the exposure and increase it,” Bullen added. “I like the yellows to be popped out a bit because it helps with the sand, my hair, and the yellow of the palms,” she explained.

“I take pictures of Lauren, and she – me. In those photos where we are together, we use tripod and timer.”

That time we hung out up above Jaipur ?

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The couples challange is to travel at least one country once a month which they tend to choose the last minute.

2018- Debut album dropping ? Photo by the one & only @zachallia

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