Julia Gilas – Ukrainian fitness diva

Julia Gilas’ road to the dream started in rather severe conditions. Born in 1985, Ukraine, which then was a part of Soviet Union she dreamed of moving away from her home country.

Julia said, there were times where the cold would be unbearable, and the lack of internet and common services in the country weren’t available, which only gave her more motivation to follow her dreams of success.

Life is beautiful right?

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“Life wasn’t easy in Ukraine. The winters were extremely cold with a lot of snow, and the summers were the complete opposite with high heat and humidity. Our family didn’t have money, so I just played in the streets, rode my bicycle, and hung out with friends in the neighborhood,” Greatest Physiques cites her words.

In order to see the world and create a better life for herself, Julia decided to become a model.
“Starting from a very early age, I knew there had to be more. As I began to dream more, the desire to leave my city in Ukraine burned inside of me.”

Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind…

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“Growing up, I became fortunate enough to become a model and start traveling. My modeling work in Europe gave me the opportunity to travel and see much more of the world. I believe education comes in many forms beyond school and books, and my education came from my traveling the world and learning from others I met along the way.”

Constant trips from one country to another had a rather bad impact on health Gilas’ health. Year by year her busyness grew. Now she was less able to make healthy food choices and workout to keep herself strong and active.

Fortunately, Julia made this fact as a turning point between modelling and becoming a true fitness star. “As I got older, I began to realize that modeling was grueling, and my health was beginning to suffer because of it. Many of the models around me looked great on the outside, but they were unhealthy because of the lifestyle. I’d see them eating junk food and drinking multiple energy drinks throughout the day to keep going, and this would go on day after day. I started researching and reading up on how to become truly healthy.”

She has dived into fitness to expand her horizons.

You asked me to shoot a video about "how to tighten your abs" The truth is that "Rock Hard" Abs are made in the Kitchen. You can work your abs everyday but if your diet is crappie, your strong abs won't show. For example, lately I am little loose on my meal plan, even though I have strong abs they're not showing much. To make MY abs visible and tight I have to be around 13-14% body fat, that can only be achieved with eating clean, control of calories intake and counting micros. ?? About my workout: I am working out my abs two times per week, usually before an upper body workout. I do three rounds of three ab exercises. Here is my favorite ab exercises. 1) Plank variations ( 30 sec) 2) Leg raises & variations ( slower is harder) 3) Stir the pot ( lover butt and slower is harder) 4) Landmine twist ( straighter arms is harder) ? With abs, slower is better than faster. Do Less reps but make them count.

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Soon in 2009, she moved to the USA to bring her fitness career to the next level. Since then, she’s gained US Citizenship and settled down in the Land of Opportunity.

Her example teaches us that you should never be afraid of changing things around you. No one knows what would happen but trying just worth it.

“Now my days are busy with healthy living, and my typical day starts at around 6 a.m. When I’m not at photo shoots, taking pictures, working out, or doing any of the other typical daily things that come up in life, I like to enjoy quiet time to myself. I have a pet squirrel, a dog, and a cat who keep me company. When I have downtime, I like to watch good movies.”

Good morning everyone ☕️ Wish you all a very positive week ❤️

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