Sylvester Stallone is getting ripped for Rambo 5

Sly Stallone is no longer a young pup, but it worth admitting the man who graced our screens for decades with Rocky and Rambo movies isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.

The 72-year-old posted a pic on Instagram of himself and his tatted arms getting jacked ahead of the release of Rambo 5.

IG: @officialslystallone

The post was soon deleted, but Internet didn’t forget him carrying a sledgehammer.

He calls out the rest of Hollywood for being soft and reminding actors they get to play pretend for a living.

… Something wicked is coming this way!

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“All these celebrities talk about how HARD they work out and how early they have to get up and how they have to sacrifice. C’mon, ladies, and gents, YO, It’s an INCREDIBLE Privilege! THUMP THE PUMP!”

Looking at Stallone’s shoulders and arms in recent pictures he looks jacked. And he is no stranger to working hard in the gym. His Instagram account is full of inspirational videos and photos for everyone of any age.

Hope Sly would entertain us with workout updates more often as his preparation seems out to reach the peak.

Starting off the morning right at @gunnarfitness !

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Burn baby burn! Fantastic machine! @synergyfitnessequipment #creed2 #mgm

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Love this exercise! #creed 2 #MGM @synergyfitnessequipment

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Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel!LOL

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