Meet the ripped female bodybuilder with an incredible ‘ZERO per cent’ body fat

Eleonora Dobrinina is the Russian competitive bodybuilder who has caused a debate over whether she is healthy after showing off her ripped physique in the gym. But some social media users suggested that it was ‘dangerous’ for her to sculpt her body in this way.

Her father was a professional wrestler. Leaving such an impression on the young Eleonora, it was incredibly hard on her, and her mother, when he died at the youthful age of 36 years old. She was only 14 at the time of his death. From this point onwards, Eleonora started hitting the gym non-stop.

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Woman gained a lot of weight when she became pregnant. Her hormones changed and she couldn’t stop eating. After giving birth she realized she had nearly doubled her weight. This took her on a path of wild transformation, and this is the results we see today.

“In 2009, I became pregnant, and as this was a completely new situation (and condition, if I can say so) for me, my weight at that time was about 125 pounds. For a 27 year old woman, I was in great shape and it was a perfect weight, and I thought nothing would change.  For the first 4 months, I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant!  I swear I had a 6 pack until my 4th month of pregnancy!  And I kept hitting the gym with the same schedule and plan, working out 4-5 times per week, plus as a second daily workout twice per week where I did spinning as my cardio, and then two aerobics classes almost every day twice per day. I kept eating as I used to eat, and I didn’t even pay attention to my portions getting bigger with the numbers of days of my pregnancy.  Then… After 5 months of being pregnant, my stomach was so huge I just tried to remember when this happened, as it seemed like just yesterday that I saw my six pack! 

After I gave birth…nothing changed… Then I saw that 226 pounds mass in the mirror. “

Eleonora stepped on stage for the first time in 2012 and took home 1st place. Now she is succeeded in becoming a WBFF Pro athlete as well as representing the IFBB as a Pro competitor.

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Getting absolutely shredded to the bone is no easy task. In fact, if you listen to most health experts, it’s not even particularly healthy. Nevertheless, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are always trying to push the limits of what their bodies can accomplish.

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What’s your opinion on getting too shredded?