300-kg woman wants to become the biggest in the world to stop moving

Monica Riley from the Fort Worth, Texas wants to reach 450 kg mark to stop moving.


By the age of 28 Monica has gained something about 280 kg. “What attracts me to being immobile is you get to be like a queen. Like back in the Egyptian ages, where like, the more fatter you were, the more you loved you were.”

Her husband Sid Riley daily prepares a lot of food and helps her to pour it through the tube. Sid admits he is “proud” to support his morbidly obese girlfriend gain more weight.


On average Monica eats from 6,000 to 8,000 calories, and her boyfriend Sidney is more than happy to help her with it.

A typical day’s ratio includes:

  • Breakfast: Six scones, six sausages in a bread roll, a big bowl of sugary cereal
  • Snacks: Two weight-gain shakes
  • Lunch: Four McChicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers, a large french fries
  • Dinner: 30 chicken nuggets, macaroni cheese, Taco Bell meal and a gallon of ice cream

“I mean of course I’m not complaining, I’ve been into, you know, fat girls, ever since I’ve been into girls – so I’m definitely not complaining!”

What is more, she has a huge online following and can earn as much as $600 for a single photo shoot. “I have what they call feeders. At least once a month, I’ll have certain guys that’ll just send me money for food in return I’d send them a video or pictures of me eating the food or something like that.”


Today Sid does the photo shooting. But before they met the task of taking Monica saucy shots fell to her 15-year-old stepbrother Joseph.

“I was actually her photographer for a little while. It just really made her happy because she’s always wanted to be a model. It did feel strange a little bit at first, but after a little bit of getting used to it just felt normal. Because I mean for some people – actually a lot of people – it’s really abnormal to see someone of her size. But for me, she’s always been around me for my entire life.” – says Sidney.


Monica and her feeder fiance Sid first fell pregnant last summer but lost the baby. A second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 14 weeks, but the couple is now expecting again.

“At one point in my life, I wanted to be the biggest woman in the world. I wanted to be bedbound and immobile and be fed ever more. But now that I am pregnant, it’s been a wake-up call.”: says Riley.

Sid added: “We just want the baby to be healthy so we can finally start our life together as a family and maybe even have more kids in the future.”


“I just want to give him or her the best life I can, and that’s all that matters.”: ended Monica.