This bodybuilder technically has no heart

If you look at this man, you wouldn’t tell that he differs from any other bodybuilder. But he is one in a million.

Andrew Jones, 26, lives with an artificial heart. Due to the risk of heart failure caused by cardiomyopathy, Jones was operated in 2012 and implanted with an artificial heart (left ventricular assist device, or LVAD).

Despite this fact, Andrew has built a career in bodybuilding and fitness modeling and is not going to stop so far. He trains regularly, to perfect himself.
In the daytime he trains his body, and at night he charges his “heart” – the computer and batteries.

He is a man of humor, calling himself “a best-looking zombie you’ll ever see”, as it’s impossible to find his pulse.
Jones is always optimistic, and hopes that one day he will find a matching heart transplant. He created a non-profit organization “Hearts At Large”, to spread the information about people’s needs for organ donors.