Rory Leidelmeyer from Golden Era is still a beast at 60

Rory Leidermeyer seems out to be one of the rare breeds. Being a true ambassador for bodybuilding and a student of the old school his life isn’t passing him by.

Whereas some bodybuilders shrivel away into shadows of their former selves, losing all the massive muscle they trained so hard to attain Rory remains tremendous athlete for the whole life.

IG: @rory_leidelmeyer

He is still perfectly shredded and diced, and his world-class physique is always something even the future champions could only dream of.

Once precisely Leidermeyer’s example has launched an entirely new dimension when it comes to muscle building.

Rory Leidelmeyer looked on the endeavor of building muscle as more than merely cosmetic. It was about pushing yourself to the limit and proving that you can push past even the heaviest lifts. It was also about creating art, something that a great deal of modern bodybuilders refuse to consider when building their own bodies.

And we can’t feel respect to Rory Leidelmeyer as he is still keeping himself in some phenomenal condition. He sticks to what got him keeping in the first place and continues to maintain an extremely well-muscled physique even at the age of 60.

Unfortunately, the biggest percentage of new or even future champions won’t be remembered for these incredible achievements. However, maybe precisely Rory’s reminder in the form of posting his classic workouts on Instagram will motivate today’s athletes to keep going on.