Sylvester Stallone is not for everyone however you cannot deny his path from Hells Kitchen NY to a seat of extreme power in Hollywood. Sly is a critically acclaimed actor, director, and writer, and his films have been enjoyed by audiences for over thirty years.

Stallone began his acting career in the early seventies with smaller roles, but Rocky went down in cinematic history.  He wrote and starred in Rocky the story of an underdog boxer which set up one of the most lucrative film franchises of all time.

He was also a founding member the of the Planet Hollywood franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

We’ve created a timeline of the star from his humble beginnings in Hell’s Kitchen, New York to where he is today as a 71 year old father and super star.

Age 7

Age 14

Age 16

Age 18

Age 24

Age 25

Age 28

Age 30

Age 31

Age 32

Age 33

Age 35

Age 36

Age 37

Age 38

Age 41

Age 46

Age 57

Age 69

Talk about a rough crowd! When we get together, it's like an action movie for real!

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