“Dad Bod” is the shape women love more than clean-cut young man

You will be surprised to find out that women do not necessarily want you to look like a man from a magazine cover. In fact, they like the “Dad Bod” which you can characterize by having some extra holiday weight on. This news is just as surprising as the other one we introduced you to lately: the one which states that women find bald men handsome and attractive. Who would have thought?

The study performed by the Professor at Yale named Richard G. Bribiescas showed that women view men with some extra weight more attractive. They associate them with loyal partners, good fathers, and fun people to be around. The fair sex thinks that such men have lower levels of testosterone, and therefore are more faithful and loving.

But do not take it the wrong way. We do not say that you should eat all the time or stop working out at all, but you surely do not have to worry that you don’t have as much muscle mass as men from the covers. Carrying slightly more weight can even be a good thing and work in your favor.