Toblerone tunnel is the latest body must-have which became a trend on Instagram

The new body must-have trend has been revealed as the “Toblerone Tunnel”.

If you never heard of it this is a triangular gap between a woman’s upper thighs just below their bikini bottoms.


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The Sun called it so after a chocolate bar, tucking into Toblerones. It’s called tunnel because this little area is triangle shaped, and you could, theoretically, fit a Toblerone through it.

It’s a classic body trend, as it’s not something that’s easily achieved – you’ll need to have a plump bum plus thighs that don’t touch, before being just thick enough for them to touch again to complete your triangle.

Moreover, this movement on Instagram could be the first placed this summer as almost every IG celeb uploaded such pics.

Unfortunately for women this gap couldn’t be reached by gym routine, ‘detox’ tea, or squat routine that promises to fix your issue.

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The problem is down to an individual’s body structure and genetics. There’s no quick way to get one, and it’s entirely possible that even if you worked out non-stop and followed a strict diet, you still wouldn’t have a Toblerone tunnel.

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And while all these celebs look fantastic, personally we’d rather eat some Toblerone than be worrying if our thighs had the right sized gap.

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