Jay Cutler still maintains his gorgeous shape

Unlike the competitors that were featured in our last Top former Olympia champ, Jay Cutler isn’t slacking off.

To recall, in his heyday the 4x Mr. Olympia was not only well muscled but absolutely diced and shredded, always looking to bring a balanced physique and fantastic conditioning to the stage every time he competed.

However now Cutler acts as a true ambassador for the modern bodybuilding.

Besides focusing on his businesses and personal life after the retirement Jay didn’t quit the gym and still remains hungry for pumping his huge biceps.

Jay surely has a smaller size compared to his competing days, but he’s still in great shape and looks amazingly jacked.

What is more, he isn’t the one who entertains his followers with a rare physique pic but posts his current shape almost every week showing himself in all his massive glory.

Moreover, from time to time Cutler tries to raise some so-called “urgent questions” concerning different sides of the world of bodybuilding.

The last time he talked about the importance of consistency in bodybuilding:

Day 2 of @thefitexpo is about to begin. Booth 327 from 12-4p

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“When people ask me for that one piece of advice on how to maintain a stage-like physique, they’re normally looking for some scientific response. However, bodybuilding is all about the driven mindset to constantly goal set and to do so without any rhyme or reason besides wanting to continually outdo that person in the mirror.”

“So if you ask me, “Jay what’s the best way to maintain, build or shred?” – Consistency! Consistency!! Consistency!!!”

“Do all the little things every single day, and I guarantee when you see the progression you’ll want to keep going.”

We can also learn from him of how to maintain the mindset of the true champion despite been retired.

What’s your favorite exercise to do on Leg Day?? #DOMS

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Who did it better ? ? Me or @carrottoplive #VegasShowdown

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Never stop grinding

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