Mia Khalifa’s breast implant ruptured after she was hit by a hockey puck

Former adult actress Mia Khalifa who starred in movies shown on x-rated websites will have to go under the knife after she was hit by a hockey puck at a Stanley Cup playoff game and her left breast implant ruptured.

Mia said it’s ruptured her left breast implant and, at the time, left her feeling like “blood was going everywhere”.

West Ham fan has revealed that the six-ounce hockey puck had hit her at 80 mph, but said the experience was worth it because she was allowed to keep the puck.

Khalifa told Daily Star Online: “I grabbed my chest and I didn’t want to let go because I felt like if I did let go blood was going to be everywhere.”

Mia continued: “I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass, and it caught me so off guard, and I had no idea it was coming.”

As any hockey fan will tell you, sitting in this area is prime puck territory – you’ve got to keep your wits about you.

“They’re really heavy, it’s pure rubber, they go at about 80mph. My left breast is slightly deflated now, and I will be getting it fixed next year.” She then said that the experience was not all bad because she was able to take the puck home with her.

“I got to take it home, it was the single greatest souvenir any hockey fan can get: a game-used puck that comes at you and hits you,” she said.