Mia Kang: From Model to Fighter, The Inspiring Journey of a Modern Warrior

Mia Kang is not your average model. She’s a warrior, both inside and outside the ring. Born in Hong Kong and raised in England, Mia has overcome numerous obstacles to become a successful model and professional Muay Thai fighter.

Mia’s journey began when she was scouted by a modeling agency in London in 2011. She quickly rose to fame, appearing in high-profile publications such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and GQ. But her success came at a cost. Mia struggled with body image issues and turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

In 2013, Mia discovered Muay Thai, a martial art that would change her life forever. She began training as a way to improve her physical and mental health and build her self-confidence. Mia quickly fell in love with the sport and began competing professionally in 2016.

Since then, Mia has become a fierce fighter both inside and outside the ring. She uses her platform to advocate for body positivity and mental health, encouraging others to embrace their natural beauty and seek help when dealing with mental health issues.

Mia’s journey has not been easy, but it has been inspiring. She has shown that with hard work, determination, and a warrior spirit, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.


Mia Kang is a true inspiration, not just as a model and professional Muay Thai fighter, but now as an author with her book, “Knockout: A Manual for Success.”

In her book, Mia shares her personal journey of overcoming body image issues, alcoholism, and depression, and how she discovered the transformative power of Muay Thai. She also provides practical advice on how to build self-confidence, improve mental and physical health, and achieve success in any aspect of life.

“Knockout” is a powerful and empowering book that is resonating with readers around the world. Mia’s raw honesty and vulnerability make it easy for readers to relate to her struggles and to feel inspired by her journey.

The book has received widespread critical acclaim, with reviewers praising Mia’s writing style, her courage in sharing her story, and the valuable lessons she imparts. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to overcome their own obstacles and achieve their goals.

So, the next time you think of Mia Kang, don’t just think of a model. Think of a modern warrior who has overcome adversity and is making a difference in the world. Mia Kang is not just a pretty face. She’s a force to be reckoned with.