Fitness blogger believes cancer can save us

Recently, Olivia Budgen – health coach and raw food educator, came out with a controversial Instagram post in which she wrote: “cancer is your body trying to save you”.

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From a scientific view, cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. However, this raw food eater had set out to challenge perceptions of such diseases. She claims that all of them are “not bad at all”.

Olivia was immediately attacked online after coming out with this statement. The comments were on the same subject, they agreed on the opinion that health blogger is spreading “ill-informed nonsense”.

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Olivia tries to persuade people who strongly believe that diseases are indications that your immune system is failing.

“Being open-minded and changing your perspective around what disease actually is and why it’s happening, will allow you to take back control of your health and realize that your body is ALWAYS working for you, and never against you,” Brisbane-based health coach continues.

IG: @oliviabudgen

“The immune system is always there to keep the body free of contaminates.”

“Unfortunately in many cases, this isn’t possible because organs such as the liver, large intestine, lungs, kidneys, and skin become overtaxed with toxins and don’t eliminate efficiently.”

Detoxification is actually something our bodies do naturally, but after exposure to toxins for an extended period of time, the process can become compromised, resulting in organs and tissues getting clogged. Using detox drops, diets, and regimens occasionally can aid in the removal of toxins, losing weight, and improving health.

She also states that “cancer is a survival mechanism” which prevents the body from toxicity.

“Disease is a natural defense mechanism to prevent a much more serious situation from occurring.”

After being attacked online, the blogger has deleted her “myth-destroying” post and refuted her claims.

IG: @oliviabudgen

“THERE IS ONLY ONE DISEASE. There are over 30,000 names to label different diseases in the world. But what if I told you there was actually only one disease? – One of the biggest mistakes is categorizing diseases and viewing them as different.”

The Metro gives us comments from Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research UK’s head information nurse about Olivia’s post “The recommendations in Ms Budgen’s social media post bear no relation to any scientific facts about how cancer starts or how it can be treated.” Hу also adds: “Her stance is extremely insensitive to people who have cancer and to those who have lost someone to cancer, as it implies tha a few changes to diet will save them.”