Teen overcame “quest to be skinny” and now shows off her curves on Instagram

Courtney Black used to be a super skinny teen trying to shape her curves by over-exercising and dangerous diets.

IG: @courtneydblack

For years Courtney had punished herself with dangerously low-calorie diets accompanied with everyday training regime.

It was until the 20-year-old dropped to under seven stone that she realised how miserable her life had become.

News Dog Media reports, she turned the point when the time to ditch her quest to be skinny and start to embrace her curves instead came.

The accounts clerk and part-time personal trainer weighed a pretty worrying 6.9 stone, which was her lowest.

IG: @courtneydblack

“When I was younger, I just wanted to be as skinny as I could. I loved long skinny legs and tiny little waists. I lost so much weight that people would comment on my Instagram saying that I looked like I was dying,” Black revealed.

Today, a teen who used to obsess over crash diets and over exercising has now become a social media sensation. Moreover, she now weighs nearly two stone more and is embracing a healthier approach to nutrition and fitness.

IG: @courtneydblack

“I love my curves now, and I’m truly ashamed of how I used to eat and exercise.”

“I want to show other people how unnecessary it is to starve yourself or cut out certain food groups from your diet. Put your health first and worry about your image second.”

Initially, Courtney started dieting after she stopped dancing and felt “chubbier” than usual.

IG: @courtneydblack

“It was harmless initially, but soon dieting became an obsession. As I continued, I began to think the super skinny look was gorgeous and I strived to be stick thin.”

IG: @courtneydblack

By summer 2015, her relationship with family and relatives had become so spoiled she decided to overhaul her lifestyle.

IG: @courtneydblack

She now enjoys a healthy diet of five meals alongside a workout regime proving curvy bodies are finally becoming the norm in society.