How to train like an Angel: 5 exercises for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year’s show, which was held in Shanghai, China on November 28, has shown us again the ultimate angels’ bodies wearing seductive underwear.

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The participants of the show are actively preparing for every event and regularly train in the gym. Particularly models carefully work on their leg muscles, a relatively problematic part of the body for many girls.

Joe Holder, a Nike trainer and a performance coach at S-10 Training in New York City, is one of the creators of this success. He has helped to stay fit for such angels like Bella Hadid, Cindy Bruna, Maria Borges, Romee Stridj, and Georgia Fowler, for this year’s show.

His main secret is athletic-based training.

These precisely what he did say for the interview: “No one has approached these women like athletes before,” he says, “which is odd, due to the amount they work out.” His approach was to focus specifically on compound movements, strategic conditioning, and weightlifting. “I am of the belief that if you fix proper compound movement overall, then the efficacy of the smaller micro-movements to target specific areas will be better,” Holder explains. “Strategic conditioning is also a necessity. They need a high-quality heart rate base for optimal fat utilization in my opinion.” And as for weightlifting? “It’ll help with injury prevention and lean them out without putting on excess muscle.”

Here we want to give you some exercise so that they stay slim and do not look pumped or overtrained. But remember that exercises are only the tool to make you better, the main thing is to compound all the necessary parts for your great body together: sleeping, nutrition, training.

1. Maria Borges’ abs series (rotation, press, pulse)

This video quite clearly shows how to do these movements. The only tip Holder gives Maria “Don’t let the band push you back.”

2. Cindy Bruna’s reverse banded prowler push

  1. Stand with back facing prowler,
  2. Squat down and place hands on side handles,
  3. Keep core tight and shoulders down and back,
  4. Lean against the prowler and begin stepping backward to move it across the floor for a set distance.

3. Georgia Fowler’s renegade row to plank banded bird dog

Сombo for a compound ab move focused on rotary stability and anti-rotation. Do best to keep hips square and utilize a band that provides relatively constant tension but is not overly tricky on full extension. Save video to try it out for your next workout.

4. Bella Hadid step-ups

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Unfortunately, the video was deleted from Joe’s account so we will try to mention all the details performing this exercise.

  1. Stand facing a step or bench,
  2. A dumbbell in each hand at sides,
  3. Keep shoulders down and back,
  4. Step left foot onto step or bench,
  5. Pushing through leg to rise up to full extension,
  6. Bring right leg up to meet left,
  7. Step back down to return to start,
  8. Repeat with opposite leg,
  9. Shoot for 10 per leg.

5. Romee Stridj runner’s deadlift to banded kickbacks

“One of my favorite moves to wake up everything from hinge to stabilization for posterior chain day to get the most out a session  Runner’s Deadlift to Banded Kickbacks. Unilateral leaning hybrid to not only make sure all circuits firing but also bring athlete’s attention to what needs to be worked that day.

Too often we got into the localized body part programming without making sure athlete’s internal state matches external goals and understanding, if not, what to do next. P.S. Advocate doing band walks with resistance above knee prior to this as additional prehab and promote proper form in this sequence,” says Romee about these movements.

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