Please don’t try the Anabolic Acrobat’s latest stunt at gym

Jon Call aka Jujimufu aka ‘The Anabolic Acrobat’ is one of the coolest persons on the planet, end of story.

If you aren’t following Call’s Instagram feed, what are you waiting for? With the body of a Strongman and the flexibility of a gymnast, Call regularly pulls off insanely acrobatic fitness tricks while screaming catch phrases and donning horse masks.

He was on America’s Got Talent back in 2016 for his crazy acrobatic strength. His most famous (and unbelievable) feat: The overhead barbell chair split that landed him on America’s Got Talent, where he made it to judge cuts.

In his latest feat Jon Call rollerblades around the gym before performing three reps of a 495-pound deadlift, still in skates.

Call’s biggest mission is to make fitness fun—and funny. “People encourage me to continue because they sometimes like what I do, and this motivates me to come up with more ideas. Most importantly though, I act on my ideas, because I don’t want someone to do them before me!”

HELP ME OUT OF THIS OR HELP ME CAPTION THIS!!! PLEASE!!! ?@dantabar #photography

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