The 25 best female abs on Instagram in 2018

These 25 fitness babes give us serious abs-envy and inspire us to work harder on carving our own cores. With motivational posts like these, they don’t need to buy IG likes or reactions to get their follower count up. They are bound to inspire you to go harder while whittling your waist and sculpting your six-pack. They post regularly on Instagram so that you can keep motivated and even go live to interact with their followers. Going live can often be nerve-wracking so some may buy Instagram live viewers to give them a confidence boost but they often discuss hints and tips about fitness and can answer any questions viewers may have. Instagram is a great platform to show off pretty much anything. There are so many people who use this platform, so at least you’ll know at least one person will have seen your post. But in the world of social media, that is not enough. If you think that your content is worth being viewed by more people, it might be worth you checking out a company like Buzzoid | Instagram Growth Service, to help you effectively grow your online presence and hopefully get the results you are after when it comes to your Instagram account. But in the mean time, take a look at some women who are killing it on Instagram!

Fernanda D’avila

Bom dia!!!!✌️??

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Ainsley Rodriguez

Everyone deserves to feel happy and confident. 2 years ago I learned happiness was a CHOICE. Through rough times I learned that pouting and self-doubt gets you nowhere and I also learned that no one controls the way you feel but YOU! Reading through so many emails about people's struggles I can only relate and tell all of you one thing…no matter what is going on in your life at this very moment, no matter how bad things may seem at times…there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not a religious person but I do have faith and trust in 'life'. Remember one thing if nothing more. Life is NOT out to get you. The unfortunate is simply a part of growth. Everything happens for a reason and most importantly at the end of the day EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS OK! My goal with clients is never to just give them a quick 30 day fix and then leave. My goal is and always has been to help them reach their goals, teach them that they ARE capable, keep them accountable, teach them balance and consistency and most importantly help them find the light and fire within themselves that fuels them to be their OWN motivation. The goals is for you to gain enough knowledge and information from me so you no longer need me one day. ?? – Learn my ways ?? DM e-? for Jumpstart Online Coaching Program – #confidence #itsallaboutthelifestyle #fit2lifestyle

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Ana Delia De Iturrondo

?Happy #InternationalBikiniDay ||Photo: @guilliani_ || @ana.delia_ ….. . SOME FLAT BELLY TIPS – •Eat less sodium and sugar to prevent water retention and weight gain, •Up your fiber(Veggies, whole grains..etc) intake to keep things moving and prevent constipation, •Avoid excess consumption of artificially sweetened (sugar-free) drinks or foods which can cause belly bloat and discomfort, •Stay hydrated h2o is your best friend to flush toxins out, •Consuming in moderation potassium rich foods like sweet potatoes, bananas..etc. can help body get rid of excess water naturally. •Don't skip meals so you have energy throughout the day this will also prevent you from overeating on next meal, •Eat some protein source with your meals or snacks and very important, •Get sweaty! Exercise is our best friend. Cardiovascular and resistance training will help keep your body working properly and maintain that midsection under control… – ALGUNOS CONSEJITOS PARA UN ABDOMEN PLANO – •Consuma menos sal y azúcar para prevenir la retención de líquido y el aumento de peso, •Consuma más fibra en su dieta(vegetales, granos..etc) para mantener el sistema funcionando correctamente y evitar el estreñimiento, •Evitar el consumo en exceso de las bebidas y/o alimentos artificialmente endulzados ya que pueden causar gas y malestar estomacal, •Manténgase hidratado, el agua es nuestro mejor amigo para eliminar toxinas de nuestro sistema. •El consumir en moderación alimentos naturalmente ricos en potasio como el guineo, batata mameya..etc ayuda a elimar el exceso de líquido de nuestro cuerpo. •No pierdas tus comidas para que tengas energía durante tu día y no te quieras comer todo el menu mas adelante, •Come algo de proteína con cada comida y/o merienda, y muy importante •Ha sudar se ha dicho! El ejercicio es nuestro mejor aliado, la combinación de entrenamiento cardiovascular y el de resistencia nos ayudará a mantener nuestro cuerpo funcionando correctamente y preservará la circurferencia de nuestra cintura bajo control… . #anadelia #anadeliafitness #bikiniday #fitspo . . . .

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Stephanie Ayala

Strong bodies aren't built overnight. It takes years to build muscle and chisel your physique. You must be the hardest working person in the room and most diligent person in the kitchen. Not just sometimes or when you feel like it. ALL the time. Consistency will get you there and persistence will keep you there.?? #MidDayMotivation • • This body is a result of 5 years in the gym weight training 5-6 days a week going through different styles of training, eating various food types, intaking different nutrients, going through different eating patterns, and mixed training approaches. There's is no "secret" or "magic pill" to get you true results. Stay POSITIVE, Be PATIENT but most importantly be PERSISTENT as some may take longer than others to see progress. That's why make sure you strive for progress not perfection! ✌?❤️ • • Unedited photo captured by my stage coach @toby.harrison after the WBFF 2017 LA ProAm ? • • TAG A FRIEND that needs some MOTIVATION❤️ • #Domin8Diva #TeamDomin8 #WBFFpro #fitness #fashion #glamour #model #physique #bestofthebest #bossbabe #StephanieAyala #OnAMission #NeverGiveup #PositiveVibes #Lifestyle #Motivation #Inspiration #Dedication #midweekmotivation @n8fitness @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official

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Hope Beel

Where my ladies at? Let's get real for a moment! I stay pretty lean year round but my body is and never will be perfect! I have cellulite, stretch marks, etc. I've just learned how to hide it and accept it. The power of posing is amazing. It's crazy how you can contort your body, squeeze, and flex to get the perfect shot. Of course like most people I'm going to post nothing but the best on social media because why not? But I do want to be honest with you guys and show you I'm far from perfect. So if you're constantly comparing yourself to other fitness models on social media and you feel so far from that, don't! We all have flaws. None of us are perfect. I want to help girls reach their fullest potential and reach their best body all while having a clear mindset. Holla if you here me! Btw that's my diva cat vogue who made an appearance. She's bulking?

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Roberta Zuniga

Mesmo quando você está fraco e frágil é necessário acreditar e seguir em frente !!! Sua história e tudo o que faz , te faz ser quem és !! Seja forte !!! Mantenha-se motivado para ser mais! Siga em frente! Continue sonhando e permanecendo fiel ao que você quer !!! Porque é ? vale a pena !! Cada momento do processo vale a pena !!!! SONHE GRANDE !!! Não tenha medo de nada !!!!! ❤ . Even when you're weak and fragil YOU NEED TO KEEP GOING!!! Your story and everything you've passed through makes you what you are! Makes you strong!!! Keeps you motivated to give MORE! To take off those tears and keep going!! Keep moving forward! KEEP DREAMING and stay true to what you want!!! Cause it's ? worth it!! Every moment of the process is worth it!!!! DREAM BIGGGGG!!! Don't be afraid of ANYTHING!!!!! ❤️
Hasta cuando te sientes debil tienes q seguir adelante con tus sueños! Tu historia y cada segundo de tu vida te hace quien eres, te hace crecer, te hace seguir, te hace querer ser cada dia mejor ! Te hace secar esas lagrimas q salen cuando estas solo y seguir luchando! La vida es muy corta como para no aprovechar cada segundo como si fuera el ultimo!!! VIVE CADA MOMENTO CON TODA! Entrega tu alma en cada cosa q hagas y no le pongas limites a tus sueños!!!!❤️

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Yarishna Ayala

Hey loves ❤️ How are you today? ??‍♀️

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Kessia Mirellys

Jasmine Fernandez

Yanita Yancheva


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Gracyanne Barbosa

Sonia Isaza

Don't forget to love yourself ❤️

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Karina Elle

Claudia Bonavoglia

Narmin Assria

Anllela Sagra

FOCUSSSS!!!! KEEP MOVING & NEVER GIVE UP!!! – ? @samuellathrop –

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Kali Burns

Anita Herbert

Andreia Brazier

Devan Statler

"The world meets nobody halfway. If you want something, you have to take it."

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Marcia Feijo

Ashley Kaltwasser

Rebecca Ferrari

renovando as energias. ??❤️

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Patricia Alamo

Brittany Coutu

PLEASE READ: Do smaller meals eaten frequently actually speed up your metabolism? . We have been taught this over the years by many fitness gurus and experts that this is correct. However, the answer is actually no! . In fact, meal frequency has no effect on your metabolism WHATSOEVER and can actually train your body to always be hungry! . When we eat a hormone is secreted called leptin.  Leptin is what we call the “hunger hormone” which tells our body when we have had enough food through signaling our brain once ample amounts have been released. . The problem with eating every 2-3 hours is that you are not getting a full concentrated release after you eat which leaves your body still wanting more food. . As we secrete this hormone more often in smaller quantities our brains actually stop recognizing that it has been released and can actually make us hold on to fat! . Leptin is also a hormone that is responsible for signalling our cells to use fat for energy so when our stomach and our brain aren’t on the same page it can lead to a stall in fat loss when you diet! . If we eat larger meals more frequently we have a HIGHER concentration of leptin released which will starve off hunger for longer and increase the fat burning ability of your body! BINGO . Our #COUTUFIT programs are focused on a 3 meal plan a day that will to only allow you to eat your favourite foods while turning you into a fat burning machine. . Sign up at COUTUFIT.COM – email [email protected] – DM ME @brittanycoutu . oh one more thing – in addition to the benefits of eating less meals throughout the day you have more time for yourself as you aren’t always worried about when it’s time for your next meal!

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