Elena Sheidlina conquers Instagram with the help of her puppet otherworldly appearance

Elena Sheidlina is a model, photographer, trendsetter, insta-blogger and one of the most popular Tumblr girls in Russia.

As she admits, she achieved such success only because she loves beautiful photos, does not follow fashion, but creates her own tendencies, followed by millions of girls from Russia and the near abroad. Today Sheidlina counts 3,7 million followers. As you see she is extremely popular.

She was born on June 30, 1994. Elena is very fragile and feminine: with the height of 160 cm, her weight is only 44 kg. The native city is Saratov.

Her first images were created at the age of 15 – she spent all her free time studying photography and photoshop.

When she was 17, she met her future husband Evgeny Sheidlin, at first they competed in their pursuit of photography, on the basis of which the extraordinary images of Lena were born.

Evgeny is an engineer by the systems of water disposal, and Lena is still studying in the specialty of advertising. Forever young and attractive, the girl often arranges meetings with fans and during live communication shares her thoughts, plans, emotions, supports them in a difficult situation.

Lena also sells branded clothes to everyone who is interested: she has a lot of things left from filming, and as a result of barter with customers, a bunch of clothes, accessories, and shoes that have no place in the girl’s wardrobe are sold.

She herself appealed to the administrators of online stores and brand owners, offering her services, and as payment, she asked for the things she liked.

Gradually a circle of permanent partners has formed, with whom she works to date on an ongoing basis.

According to her, in recent years she has not spent any dollar on clothes, everything is supplied as a result of her work. Foreign brands have so far refrained from cooperation since difficulties arise at customs when delivering products.

Her income ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

She is “a model with an uncontrollable flight of fantasy, able to develop and try on any image.”

Gradually, she independently created her own style in clothes, which was immediately copied by many women of fashion. According to her, she did not seek to create trends or set contemporary standards for beauty, because fashion is fleeting. She dreamed of creating something genuinely qualitative and valuable, providing her photographs with a long life, so that they would be attractive to people and after many years, like, for example, films that received an Oscar.

However, Elena’s creativity is inspired not only by domestic but also by foreign stars. Among her fans and subscribers are the singer and actresses like Miley Cyrus, the superstar and frontman of the rock band “From First to Last” Skrillex, who invited her to Los Angeles to film for the cover of his new album.