The most hilarious conversation ever: couple avoided meeting for three years so Tinder stepped in

Kent State students Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas matched on Tinder nearly three years ago but failed to meet up because their “busy lives” kept getting in the way.

“Busy” millennials managed to answer every couple of months when they “found the time”.

The world society got to know about this occasion on July 8, 2017, when Josh posted screenshots of their hilarious, three-year-long conversation on Twitter.

“It was just for my buddies to appreciate,” he said. Within an hour, he had been retweeted hundreds of times, and someone tagged Arendas in the comments.

The girl didn’t hesitate to answer.

After what with the more people getting to know about the two, Internet loved them and asked Avsec to marry his interlocutor.

When the internet rallied behind the romance, a new player stepped into the game to make sure their first IRL meet-up would be one to remember.

Tinder understood they had to do something with it. Their decision was to bring them the best gift they could offer.

Avsec told BuzzFeed News he and Arendas discussed Hawaii as an option. And, fortunately, Tinder agreed that and coordinated plans to fly them to Maui.

Obviously, this trip was a dream come true for both of them.

And as the dating platform has admitted: “Good things come to those who wait.” Moreover, it isn’t now necessary to build serious plans with the one you liked. The only thing you should do is to troll each other as long as possible, and one day you’d be offered a trip of your dream.