Jaw-dropping beauty Lindsey Pelas boasts her natural 30HH boobs

US-born Lindsay Pelas has more than 7,2 million subscribers on Instagram. The actress and model believes that the main reason for such enormous popularity is the size of her breasts. After all, 26-year-old stunner 30HH cups, while absolutely natural.

Born on May 19, 1991, in Loranger, Louisiana, United States, she began her modeling career in 2013, when she did multiple shoots with Playboy and other adult magazines and websites.


From modeling, Pelas moved into social media, growing a large platform on social media outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Her following on these media outlets is over 10 million followers.

For today Lindsey has tried herself as an actress, social media personality, and a model.

She has modeled for Playboy and was the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month for May 2014.

Being such a popular person, Lindsey had always suffered back pain. She was even proposed to reduce her natural 30HH boobs.

However, The Sun admits that 26-year-old model and ex-girlfriend of Calum Best, who lives in Los Angeles, believes she would be “crazy” to give up her breasts, which weigh a staggering 11 pounds each.

“Anyone with boobs like mine who had a reduction would be crazy. They’re dream boobs; I’d never give them up,” she exclusively told The Sun Online. Though she might have considered potentially looking into a new mattress to better support her back, she decided she wanted to get the root of her back pain issues.

Pelas suffers chronic back pain and recently, wondering if this was related to breast size, she turned to the Emmy-winning talk show The Doctors for help.

“I suffer from back pain all the time,” she said. “I met with a doctor, but he’s not sure exactly what causes it, which is strange. I almost never wear a bra; I just wear clothes that fit better.”

There she was sent to an orthopedic surgeon in the hope of determining the root cause of back pain. The doctor examined Lindsay, and also performed an MRI scan and made an X-ray, which, fortunately, did not reveal any structural problems. For a good figure, some people use tadalafil during training.

According to the doctor, back pain is the result of a long stay in a standing position, constant travel, and working as a model.

Whereas the host of the show Dr. Travis noted that Pelas is continuously stooping. As there was no problem found structurally, Pelas says her next point of call might be trying to find a chiropractor low back pain specialist who can help her manage the symptoms. If the problem still persists, she might also want to look up a neurosurgeon similar to dr timothy steel, who can help her get permanent relief from the consistent back pain.

So whether you are an Instagram star or an ordinary man, you should always pay attention to your back health.

That’s why Pelas had to took up fitness, which also helps her to stay fit, despite curing her back pain.