Michael B. Jordan’s prep for “Black Panther” disrupted his social life

Getting ripped for the newest film has it’s cons as the famously fit actor sacrificed his social life. “I’m just trying to stay in shape for as long as I can.”

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Jordan is known for taking roles that challenge him physically as he has been in fighting form for years, ever since he bulked up to star in Ryan Coogler’s 2015 drama Creed.

His pre-movie training programs are naturally tough, but we were still shocked to find out what he put himself through for his newest movie, Black Panther.

From his interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we know that he goes to the gym from two to three times a day and eats six meals daily.

“I was on the press tour for Creed and Ryan called me up and was like, ‘Eh, we’re about to go shoot this other movie. Do you wanna do it?’ And I was like, ‘Cool. Let’s go have some fun.’ And that was literally it,” he recalled. “From that moment on, I just decided to dedicate everything to getting in shape and to becoming Erik ‘Killmonger.'”

Another one way in which he prepared for the role was to drink over a gallon of water daily. “Do you know how often you have to use the bathroom when you’re drinking a gallon, especially in the middle of the night?” Jordan asked. “You’re trying to sleep; you’ve got to wake up and use the bathroom. You’re like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m just going to hold it.’ It just doesn’t quite work out.”

The amazing six meal ratio he commented in the next way: “It’s hard to go out to a club or a party when you’re like, ‘Oh, wait! Meal prep! We gotta go pop this thing in the microwave and eat food,'” the actor laughed. “It’s tough to socialize when you gotta get in shape like that.”

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“As soon as I leave here, I’m going to the gym,” he said, adding that he is “in the process of getting back in shape.”

There aren’t many rest days in his future, however, knowing that he’ll face off against boxer Florian Munteanu in Creed II.

Recall, Black Panther release is set on February 16 and already projecting to be a hit.

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