Tess Holliday – the most popular plus-size model in the world

American-born Tess Holliday is the most massive professional model in the world. Tess was born in 1985 and lives in Los Angeles. While being of 1.65 cm height has more than impressive size XXXL, but has no complexes about that.

Tess weighs over 150 kilograms. She loves to be photographed wearing lingerie and show off her body, which she genuinely loves. It can be hard for women to love their bodies especially with the way that the media can pick them apart, so finding that power to feel good is an important step, and women like Tess can do this through what they are wearing, namely the lingerie that she adores. Women who want to feel like that too may want to check out lingerie by Natori as well as other related companies so that they can find something that sparks that body confidence joy inside them.

If you spend your whole life trying to lose weight, suffering due to diets, and eternal discontent with yourself, you won’t notice how fast it will rush past, says Holliday.

“My relationship with the body is a journey, not a way to destination,” – she signed one of her photos. And then she added, referring to her little son – I appreciate and am proud of what my body has done for me, as well as the life that it brought to this world. I do not care if you think I’m attractive or you think my body is insulting you personally. Thank you”.

The size 22 model speaks regularly about issues related to feminism, body acceptance, and motherhood. In that way, she gathers not only the admirers of her shapes but also the ones who are aware of these problems too. Holliday has been a vocal advocate for the issues she considers vital.

“One thing I think constantly is if brands like Gucci can make plus-size menswear, then why can’t we see it for women?” – she said while being to Vogue office.

“I want to break into high fashion because you have plus-size celebrities, you have the consumers, and yet we’re not seeing a reflection of [that] reality. Even broaching the subject can make people [get] up in arms.”

She uses her 1,5 million Instagram account to decry fat-shaming. She even posted her side-by-side photos comparing her 13-year-old physique to today’s.

“The photo on the left was taken when I was in my first (& only beauty pageant) when I was 13 years old. Growing up in Mississippi, pageants were life & all of the “pretty” girls did them, & my god how badly I wanted to feel beautiful & fit in.

My mom searched everywhere to find a dress to fit me, & this was the only one in town that fit. The rest of the girls competing were showing much more skin, they were all dolled up & I remember the pit in my stomach of feeling so unloveable & unworthy because, to me, I didn’t look like them.

When it was my turn of the stage, they asked what my hobby was & I said “collecting tweety bird” & the audience laughed. I held my tears back as I walked off stage. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t win that night, but man, did I end up winning in life…

I wish someone could have shown that sad, lonely 13 yr old kid the photo on the right of her future: shooting a fashion campaign in Paris, wearing a gown that not only fits me but allows me to no longer hide. As I write this, I’m packing my bags for #NYFW, & I have moments where so still feel like that little girl, sad, & overwhelmed by how hard the world can be to those of us who have never quite fit in. If you are reading this, please know you aren’t alone. Please know it gets better, & that the #glowup is real. Life is so weird, but things always have a way of working out. ” – Tess described the post.

Tess’ charm is undoubted. Besides she goes with vital questions to the people who make the difference in this world. Hope that her mission on this planet would be successful.