World’s fittest couple: Simeon Panda & Chanel Brown

Simeon Panda, 30, and Chanel Brown, 24, are making waves in the fitness world. Their motto is who sweats together stays together.

A pair of gym-obsessed Instagram stars who work out together every day has been dubbed the ‘fittest couple in the world’. The makeup artist and former software worker have a combined 10 million social media followers and have parlayed their fit lifestyles into careers.

Simeon, whose IG fanbase counts enormous 3,8 million followers, hosts fitness seminars and is launching his own line of clothing and gym accessories, whereas Chanel runs a beauty blog and released a workout guide called the Tone and Curve Plan in March.

Former client support worker Simeon now travels the world attending fitness expos where fans beg him for selfies, but his girlfriend insists she doesn’t get jealous of female attention as it would ‘defeat the object’ of sharing their lives on social media.

The couple met in 2012. However, their dating starts from the year of 2014. “We first met in 2012, and I was blown away by how beautiful Chanel was inside and out, we had a great first date, but for whatever reason, we didn’t get together. Our second date didn’t take place until late 2014, we hit it off and within a few months became a couple.”

Now, they work out together every day for an hour and a half. “We work out together daily and push each other to perform our best during workouts,” Panda told the Daily Mail. “We aren’t competitive with each other at all, but we ensure we are both working to the best of our ability.”

“We aren’t competitive with each other at all, but we ensure we are both working to the best of our ability.”

“Our diet is healthy 90 % of the time,” he revealed. “Our regular meals are high in protein with whole grain carbs and a substantial portion of vegetables. A typical meal could be a power bowl of the stir-fried diced chicken breast in olive oil, with butternut squash, beetroot, kale and whole grain brown rice.”

It’s almost unfair how good-looking they both are, so they both get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Fortunately, both of them say they’re comfortable with it. “We are both very comfortable with ourselves and in our relationship,” said Chanel. “I feel proud when Simeon posts his physique on his social media.

“Our aim is to spread a positive message and motivate others by sharing our lives with our followers, it would defeat the object if we had any negative feelings towards this.”

My MCM for his handsome face & ability to take cute pictures with me ?? #meandmine

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