10 tips on how to boost your metabolism

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There are several effective metabolism boosters.

#1 Vitamin B12. This one may come in a form of an injection or pill. However, the trick with B12 is that it gives an energy boost only to those who has a B12 deficiency. If you don’t, you probably won’t feel anything. To check if you have enough of B12 in your body – do the blood test.

#2 Breakfast. Some studies show that those who eat breakfast have better metabolism and slim body rather than those who wait till lunch.

#3 Split eating into several meals. Such approach to daily meal plan is good at several levels. First, your body burn calories faster and easier if they come in small portions. Second, such habit will help you to keep your sugar level right and you will feel more comfortable during the day.

#4 Chili peppers. Sounds hot, but if you want to boost your metabolism, you will handle that. Chili peppers contain antioxidant capsaicin. A study says that chili pepper can boost metabolic rate by 50 calories per day. That said, there are many, who cannot handle the heat of chili peppers. But that does not mean that they should miss out on getting the required antioxidant levels in their body! They can opt for other foods that have antioxidant properties or even supplements such as spore probiotic and alike, to make sure their health is in top form.

#5 Green tea. 2-4 cups a day can boost your metabolism by 4%, according to research. That works only if the tea is of a good quality.

#6 Caffeine. Caffeine proved to be very useful for workouts and it has also proved to be a good metabolism booster. Start your day with a cup of coffee as it gives you an energy boost and helps burn calories faster throughout the day.

#7 Protein. Protein helps to burn calories as it requires much more energy from your body rather than food rich in carbs and fat.

#8 Sleep well. Good sleep boosts your metabolism next morning. On the other side, lack of sleep launches production of hunger hormones such as leptin and ghrelin. That will make you go for junk food. Indulging in a warm bath with essential oils could alleviate your stress and make you fall asleep faster. You could also consider changing your mattress if you feel that the current one is not working out for you. If you are interested in changing your mattress, you could read up on this post about the Best Latex Mattress 2021, and decide on the best one for you and your sleep!

#9 Dairy products. Dairy products are rich in calcium and fat-burning amino acids and leucine in particular.

#10 Workouts. That last thing is the best you can do as calories keep burning in your body even after the training. Short intervals very intense resistance training with heavy weights increases metabolic burn by 452 calories for the next 24 hours.