Julia Vins: The Muscle Barbie from Russia

Who would have thought years ago that a twenty-year-old weightlifter would consider choosing a name after a famous doll? However, she spiced it up a little by making it sound her own way.

Badass Barbie or Muscle Barbie, whose real name is Yulia Vins, is a Russian twenty-year-old who has been into weightlifting for five years but has already achieved absolute success. Thus, she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram whom she encourages daily.

I'm too tired and don't want to write anything ? Because yesterday I had heavy deadlift ? #primevallabs #gometal #powerlifting

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She started her way in this sports when she was only 15. Her family supported her completely unlike many people who did not take her passion seriously.

Today, she is showing her strength off by making videos on Instagram of how she easily lifts 400 pounds as a part of her daily routine.

Check out her Instagram profile here and get inspired by what discipline and determination can do!

I ❤️ squats ? #xcorenutrition #prozisteam #powerlifting #panasonicrussia

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Two days ago I made a post where I answered your questions There were a lot of questions ? Thanks ☺ I'll try to answer all and I'll make posts with answers to the most popular questions By the way, I'm very curious why everyone is talking about Decriminalizing domestic violence in Russia in my previous post ? People in Russia did not attach much importance to it but people from other countries know about it ? In Russia there are far more strange things than this For example, the average pension is about $200 But the price level is the same as Europe. I was in Porto, Portugal and the prices there are lower than in my small town in Russia. And it's sad. I don't think Decriminalizing domestic violence will change something Because people who create violence in their family are usually don't care about criminal liability.

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I have 2 legs workout per week You can look at the speed squats day in stories now?

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Only 10 days before the end of the year What goals have you achieved this year? #primevallabs

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