Bosnian taekwondo champion broke 111 blocks using just his head in 35 seconds

Sixteen-year-old taekwondo practitioner breaks the records after breaking concrete blocks

The latest news shows that a teenager from Bosnia has recently broken the record. From a video one can see that an athlete broke several sets of concrete blocks within 35 seconds. The name of this stunning athlete is Kerim Ahmetspahic.

Apart from the journalists, his family and friends, the event was also attended by the representatives of the Guinness World Records. The event was filmed since the athlete beat a new world record of breaking 111 blocks with just his head.

The young man was overwhelmed with triumph after demonstrating his immense strength, and he even mentioned that he felt like he could break another record with all the strength he still had at the time.

Kerim believes that he owes his achievement to his family and an incredible coach he had. All we can say is that people like Kerim serve as a source of real inspiration for many of us. So, watch his video and feel the spirit of victory!