Demi Bagby changes stereotypes of what to do at the beach

On August, 5, bodybuilder and Crossfit athlete Demi Bagby went viral after she posted her video on IG which has already collected almost 1,5 million views.

The publication shows her performing a very long and genuinely ludicrous series of flips while relaxing at Pacific Beach in San Diego. Digg described this stunt as “gainer, punch forward roll, roundoff, double back handspring, back tuck, double back handspring, back tuck, double back handspring, back tuck.”

Now you’ll quickly understand why she has over 1 million Instagram followers.

According to Great Physiques, Demi performs a wide range of sports in order to maintain her lean physique. This includes the likes of CrossFit, calisthenics, acrobatics, yoga, parkour, lifting, and surfing. Being able to perform these after breaking her back proved she is a determined, passionate, and dedicated individual.