Diamond Ott: Universal soldier with impresive fitness skills

First sergeant (1SG) Diamond Ott known as the “strongest soldier” is a American certified extreme fitness trainer who display his incredible fitness skills and bodyweight workouts.

His 16 years in the United States Army has been spent leading, training, and motivating troops and civilians all over the world.

Diamond Ott has acquired his physique through countless hours of training and immense dedication to his mental and physical wellbeing.

“As a certified fitness trainer, I welcomed the advent of the new Army Physical Readiness Training program because of its ability to effectively tailor fitness exercises to Soldiers of any body composition type, age and, gender.”

Why is this necessary for the military? Working out hard does require mental strength to endure the pain, and lots of concentration to avoid form breakdown in certain movements. Even if he looses gains, he will be used to pushing the limits. So don’t be jealous, he’s clearly dedicated at the very least, a great quality for a soldier.

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While all Soldiers share the same responsibility to meet the Army standards for physical fitness, most have different personal goals. Some want to improve their Army Physical Fitness Test score