Eddie Hall: Meal plan of the Worlds Strongest Man 2016

In 2016, Eddie Hall broke the deadlift world record with an astonishing lift of 500kg (with straps and suit). He attributes his awesome strength to an impressive diet — and the power of swimming.

On a bad day he get through 6,500 calories. On a good day, it’ll be closer to 10,000. Eddie spend $500 a week on food just for myself.

Eddie Hall’s Diet Plan:

  • Meal 1: Flavoured rice and an apple with ½ litre of water
  • Meal 2: 1 ½ protein shakes
  • Meal 3: Cheese and beans on toast and an orange
  • Meal 4: A packet of nuts
  • Meal 5: Chicken and potatoes, yoghurt, a chocolate bar and a litre of water
  • Meal 6: A tuna sandwich and ½ litre of water
  • Meal 7: A packet of chips and a plum
  • Meal 8: An apple and a fl apjack
  • Meal 9: A carb shake with creatine
  • Meal 10: A protein shake with BCAAs
  • Meal 11: Steak and chips with salad
  • Meal 12: Waffles and ice cream