“Iranian Hulk” conquers social media with his superhero look

A 25-year-old bodybuilder from Iran was nicknamed as Iranian Hulk for his superhero body. He is gaining popularity and fans on Instagram. 278k people are following him to be updated with his new flexes. “Hulk” takes part in powerlifting competitions and can lift more than 175kg (386lbs). He used to represent Iran in different bodybuilding competitions. His weight is 159kg (350lbs).

Compared to many other bodybuilders on Instagram, Sajad Gharibi doesn’t share food and selfies. He is focused on his incredible superhero front part. Despite his scary look, ¬†inside he seems to be a nice person, who wants to help people.

As movies based on DC and Marvel comic books started dominating Hollywood and are gaining popularity, Sajad definitely has a chance to find his place in Hollywood as producers wouldn’t even need to use any graphics to make Hulk or any superhero look credible. Sajad already has the right physique to portray any character from popular stories.

Sajad has been looking into joining the WWE, where he could also gain popularity as fast as on social networks. Let’s see if he can make it.