How to become the most popular bum on Instagram: Jen Selter advice

More than 11 million followers on Instagram, including Rihanna and Beyonce. Meet Jen Selter – a 23-year-old fitness star, world-wide known for her hottest belfie (butt selfie) pictures.

During her studies in high school, Jen underwent plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose. After graduation, Jen began to attend the gym, where she was keen on fitness and yoga.

She became famous on the Internet due to her fitness lessons, appearance and figure, in particular, the forms of the buttocks. As of the beginning of January 2014, she had 1.3 million fans in Instagram (the page she started in March 2012), 535,000 subscribers on the Facebook page and 140,000 readers on Twitter, among which there are such celebrities as singer Beyonce and basketball player Amare Stademaire. For today, these figures are 11.7 million in Instagram, 9.2 million on Facebook and 1.13 million on Twitter.

In addition to the army of admirers, the girl also found a horde of critics accusing her of vulgarity.

While some admire the beauty of the enchanting bum of Jen, others ask the burning question “what about implants?”. In addition to exercise, there may be other ways to achieve such a figure. One way is to undergo a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a surgical fat transfer procedure that can expand the size and shape of a person’s buttocks using fat taken from somewhere else on their body. A BBL can help achieve natural-looking results by leveraging organic means to create a curvier and more aesthetically pleasing shape. For someone interested in this type of procedure, they might want to find a reputable clinic nearby. Also, it should not be difficult to locate cosmetic surgery clinics that provide such surgical procedures. For example, someone from New York can Google ‘bbl nyc‘ and get options for such clinics in the vicinity. However, exercise and diet could still be the most natural way to achieve a good figure. Coming back, We’ll talk about her training. According to Selter, “everyone can achieve such forms.” Probably, yes, if you regularly take the fifth point from the couch and follow the advice of Miss Backside.

The young resident of Manhattan, recommends:

  • squats with a barbell;
  • deadlifts with straight legs;
  • crooked legs upward from the position “on all fours”;
  • fast squats to a level where the hips are parallel to the floor;
  • Treadmill with high gradient or Stairmaster (ladder-simulator).

Here is her another workout. Check this.

Comment below if you want to see the blooper of me falling on my boooty ??

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In addition to the proposed set of exercises, you will also need cardio training. Fitness star performs each exercise 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

She is a representative of NY20 and Game Plan Nutrition, collaborates with Nike, Lululemon and New Balance. Since January 2014 she has been cooperating with The Legacy Agency, which represents the interests of the stars of baseball and NFL.

As you see, genetics played a significant role in Selter’s life. But have to agree that without natural talent and unbeatable charisma she would not have revealed her potential and achieve such heights.

Friday ??

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