Pumping iron to reduce the risk of death by 46%

Most people realize that pumping iron can help them stay healthy and fit. However, they probably do not know to what extent this can be helpful.

The recent study by the Penn State College of Medicine has shown that people who lift weights have longer life expectancy. In fact, they stated that the study of a group of sixty-five-year-olds for fifteen years showed that those who worked out were much more likely to celebrate their 80th birthday than the rest of the group.

According to the specialists conducting this study, only one-tenth of all people taking part were exercising and lifting weights. However, among those who did, 46% made it to the end of the study.

There are many causes for such results including the fact that pumping iron stimulates better staying power as well as bones density. Besides, such exercises can help you stay fit instead of gaining weight which is often the case for people over 60.

We do not say that people who never lifted weights should rush into it right away (though they might after consulting their doctor), but we do encourage the younger generation to join the gym and pump that iron!