Fitness influencer gained 1.5 million followers without any bikini photos

Alexia Clark became an icon of fitness while never been about “look at my body”.

The 27-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona left her marketing job to pursue personal training full-time almost seven years ago.

From that time she has developed her own training program schtick of which is never doing the same workout twice.

This brunette badass believes in rocking different types of exercises – she’s always tweaking a rep count, move combo, or tempo variation.

She’s become one of the leading female figures in the industry after becoming the self-proclaimed “Queen of Workouts” on Instagram. Through social media, she continually engages with followers around the world to spread her love for fitness.

Everything started about a year ago, when she first tried Instagram and Snapchat to post videos to show friends and family what kind of moves to try in the gym.

Word got out fast about her because Alexia’s creative mix of exercises using dumbbells, landmines, mini bands, and TRX suspension cables was something new to the industry.

“My workouts are always different! I mix HIIT with traditional lifting with CrossFit and make my own little Alexia workout. I use a lot of full body movements, and I don’t try to lift as heavy as I can. The form is so important to me!”

“It has never been about ‘look at my body,'” says Alexia to Women’s Health, who doesn’t do bikini photos.

After featuring in reputable magazines, she started gaining masses of followers online.

By 2016, Alexia had become an online sensation and had inspired fans around the world to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s always been, ‘I want to help you, here are exercises that you can do, here’s how to do them, here’s a way to modify them, and here’s something different.'”

“Helping others is my passion. Seeing the change in someone throughout their fitness journey is incredible. Not just physically, but also emotionally. They have become more confident, more optimistic, healthier and stronger in all aspects of their life,” says her official website.

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