Arnold Schwarzenegger is back at the gym for the first time since heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger – former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California is now recovering from an open-heart surgery back in March.

As Schwarzenegger’s condition was stable, he was ready to back in the gym for the first time.

He shared a video on Twitter and Instagram showing off his workout: “The comeback continues. Training every day, doing my reps, reps, reps. Your support has really pumped me up, so I remain grateful to each and every one of you.”

“We expect a very short recovery period,” his spokesman said. And that’s fantastic because any type of workout just three months removed from open-heart surgery is significant progress.

“The workout is coming back really great,” he said. “The comeback is great. Everything is fantastic.”

After the surgery 70-year-old, acting and fitness icon said “I’m back,” so there were no doubts that his recovery would go in a similar successful manner. Usually, the average recovery time for open-heart surgery is a lot longer than Mr. Schwarzenegger’s but as he’s had the best recovery team by his side, as well as being incredibly athletic, his recovery has run smoothly and efficiently. For a lot of people, they experience a lack of energy and motivation as well as feel constant frustration. Not to mention, many people experience depression, anxiety, helplessness, and fear. So much so, those recovering from open-heart surgery could check into the driftwood recovery center to help them overcome their recovery issues. Fortunately, Mr. Schwarzenegger’s recovery has gone tremendously.

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“I told you I’d be back,” Arnold captioned in his bio on Instagram. And that is for sure in a few days his workout compilations would again appear in your feed. Just wait a bit.