How does body fat percentage influences your shape?

There is a lot to consider when you are into bodybuilding. Fat percentage is one of the key aspects one has to consider during the evaluation of their training program. When we assess our body from this point, we have body fat percentage and the rest is lean mass.

5-8% body fat means that you would look very shredded and be a perfect anatomy chart for those who study muscle structure in college. Though it’s just a body fat percentage, and, despite that it may be very low, it doesn’t mean your muscles are huge, it just means that they are well-seen.

9-13% means you have clear six pack and vascularity, but muscles are ponderous.

14-17% body fat shows off two abdominal areas, but clearly not the six pack. Bottom abs are poorly developed. Vascularity is very light.

18-20% With this percentage of body fat, no one would guess you are a bodybuilder. No clear muscles, no vascularity, you look just like an average person.

You may think that only workout is what means the most in getting rid of body fat, but diet is what really important as well as supplements you consume. Some, taken before the workout, help to burn fat and not the lean mass. However, body percentage is not a constant for anyone, it may vary from week to week. Keep in mind that if you want to get into “below 10%” category, you have to be very committed to your diet – no burgers, no pizza, no cheats at all.